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Facebook — Brand Awareness

Results: Product awareness +4%, Brand Awareness +6%, recommendation uplift +10%

With an individual strategy and a complex campaign structure, a measurable and significant increase in awareness of the digital hessenschau products could be achieved. I managed the whole thing together with the creative agency Publicis Pixelpark. Through our collaboration, we were able to achieve 14.5 million high-quality impressions with a target group coverage of almost 87%. The success validation is done by a brand lift study by Nielson.

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Omnicom Media Groupe

Tableau Dashboard — Error Analysis / Consulting

Results: Tableau Dashboard works properly again, time saving for employees

The agency had a problem with the Tableau Dashboard not working properly and displaying the wrong values. As a result, employees had to create manual Excel reports for customers. I analyzed the situation and worked with the client's technical team to eliminate all sources of error so that the dashboard can be used again and no more Excel reports need to be created. This leads to meaningful time savings for employees and increases client satisfaction.

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Tourism island

Facebook — Event Responses / Brand Awareness

Results: 0.90€ CPR, 13,200 Event Responses, 516,000 Reach

The client wanted around 5,500 event commitments (2.18€ CPR) for a live stream on Saint Patrick's Day for around 12,000.00€. To achieve this, I decided with the client to use Facebook because this is where the target group is most active. Through qualified and precise targeting, 13,100 event commitments were achieved with the budget at a CPR of 0,90€ CPR. Furthermore, a successful brand awareness campaign was placed on Pinterest.

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Cosmo Consult

Facebook / LinkedIn / Twitter — Website Traffic

Results: 2,200 Clicks, avg. 3.00€ CPC, 25 Applications

The goal of the campaign was to get applications for vacancies. Because job ads were too expensive for the client, we opted for traffic campaigns to send users to specific landing pages. Through well-chosen target groups and appealing creatives, the client was able to achieve 25 qualified applications within one month.

Other brands I worked with

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  • Wishing Table
  • Black Hat Coffee
  • Skai / Kenshoo
  • WGV Versicherung
  • wyn digital
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  • Publicis Media Groupe