Online Marketing Freelancer

Specialized in Social Media Ads

Max takes a very analytical approach and also addresses less pleasant things quite openly. He puts great emphasis on data, his experience, and our input. When you work with him, you quickly notice that efficiency and a sense of purpose are very important to him. I can only recommend working with Max.

—— Madina Schulz, OMD

Blurred black and white photograph of New York City.
Blurred black and white photograph of New York City.

What I can do for you

Social Media Ads are like an investment: You invest money in social media ads and as a result your sales and profits increase. And that's exactly what I do.

Social Media Ads

You'll benefit from my expertise with Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads and TikTok Ads. I have experience in B2C and B2B, on lead generation, brand awareness and conversion ads—with small and large budgets.

I create a strategy, take care of the setup and optimize your campaigns so that you achieve your business goals—always with a focus on your ROI.


In addition to advertising, I can also advise you generally in online marketing consulting. I analyze your ACTUAL state and support you how to achieve your desired TARGET state.

Whether it's social media management, social media posts, landing page optimization, UX/UI optimization or web design—we will find a solution.

Blurred black and white photo of me.

I am Max

Professionally as well as privately I am more rationally minded than emotionally—that's what makes me, because my personality type is INTJ. I am a good listener, I value punctuality and I am absolutely reliable.

In my free time I enjoy exquisite food with friends, am very interested in Japanese culture and am a big Star Wars fan. I love gin and like to try new varieties. I also enjoy reading books about personal development and have a soft spot for minimalist art. I have to force myself to exercise some days, but once I've been out on my track bike, I realize how important exercise is for overall well-being.

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