Online Marketing Freelancer

Specialized in Social Media Ads and Copywriting
Black and white photograph of an iphone.
Black and white photograph of an iphone.

What I can do for you

I am specialized in social media ads and copywriting.

Social Media Ads

You'll benefit from my experience with Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads and TikTok Ads. I have experience in B2C and B2B, across lead generation, recruiting ads, brand awareness and conversion ads—with small and large budgets.


Everything is copy: Websites, ads, posts, job ads—simply everything. And that's why your copy must trigger emotions in the reader and be crystal clear. Because that's the only way to convince people of your product or service. My copy is simple. And precise—like a swiss watch. I explain complex topics so simply—even my grandmother understands how "LinkedIn Ads" work.

Online Marketing Consulting

Not sure how to start or continue with online marketing? You have a team—but need an external perspective? I advise companies successfully in online marketing. I am brutally direct and honest: You will only hear the unvarnished truth from me.

Clients I work with

  • Hessenschau
  • Omnicom Media Groupe
  • Tourism Island
  • Sony
  • Cosmo Consult
  • Rentablo
  • Nynolia
  • Novamondo
  • Philips Healthcare
  • DoKomi
  • Wishing Table
  • Bementi
  • Black Hat Coffee
  • Skai / Kenshoo
  • WGV Versicherung
  • Königspunkt
  • wyn digital
  • Virtual Identity
  • Divine
  • Testberichte
  • Tecflower
  • mark_ad Werbeagentur
  • Publicis Media Groupe
  • ypsolution
Black and white photo of me.

I am Max

Professionally as well as privately I am more rationally minded than emotionally—that's what makes me. Because my personality type is INTJ. I am a good listener, I value punctuality and I am absolutely reliable.

In my free time I enjoy exquisite food with friends, and I am very interested in Japanese culture—and a Star Wars enthusiast. And I love gin and like to try new variations.

I also enjoy reading books about psychology and have a passion for minimalist art and design—as you may have noticed on my website. Some days I have to force myself to do sports—but once I've been out on my track bike: I realize how important it is for my well-being.